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Met up with the NSW Hustler REP today, he admitted the machine was rough over the undulating ground I mow. He said the super z machine is designed for smooth lawns & that the X-One would have been better suited to my type of work.

I wont even bother to go into all my arguements with the issues, its completely rediculous. All I know is how badly the machine performs over un even terrain, therefor it isnt suited to my line of work & due to the fact they never advertised the machine as not suited for rough ground, I believe I was misled, so I am taking it to consumer affairs in the hope to be refunded.

The advertising states that the machine should ride like a thoroughbred, thats incorrect, unless its a golf green (what the hell mower wont ride smooth over smooth ground?). Also they advertise the flex forks to give a more even cut over uneven ground, thats false, it creates lifting in front end which makes the deck bounce ( the rep said I should expect that to be normal ) also the flex forks are designed to give a smoother ride for operator & in turn increase productivity due to mowing faster over rough terrain, well thats also false as I find I need to slow down to snail speed to avoid deck bouncing and neck jerking over any of the slightest bumps!

However if you have a smooth lawn, this mower is excellent for that. I envy you. I have 1 or 2 lawns which are smooth enough to cut the entire lawn without any need to complain about a rough ride.
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