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thinking out loud...

OK, so a few other threads on here have me thinking about putting a ramp or something on one of our trucks. I'm down to me and my two full time guys for the fall, college has started back in full swing, so we can go a little lighter. I've got 2 trucks, identical but one is the 6.0L and the other is the 6.6L duramax.

The duramax gets about 13 mpg no matter if it's empty or has 8k behind it.

The vortec is a different story, loaded up (6.5x16 tandem hauling/54" lazer Z, 48" TT, couple push mowers, trimmers....) it's probably 5k pulling. With the trailer I'm getting about 10, 11mpg.... without and just say a 48" TT and 21" I can get upward of 16.5mpg! Great in my book for a 1 ton.

I am thinking about some kind of ramp, gate, lift, something, but where it's got the higher flat bed standard 8' ramps are out of the question.

Anyone thinks it would be worth it to try to find some type of a gate or long ramp for the increased mpg? If so, any ideas of where to start?
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