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Originally Posted by rlitman View Post
Nah, you don't want a floor drain in a garage. Too many issues with that.

Hot water won't stop all buildup of grease in drains that they live on, even with daily use.
I wouldn't bother with an insecticide, and you really don't want to be exposing yourself or children to unnecessary pesticides, right?Remove the food source, and they will be gone very fast. An enzyme drain cleaner is perfectly safe to use, and a quart size container will last you years for this purpose.
OGM No way would you want to use a Aersol can of Pyrethroids Fly spray. After all we really do not have a track record with Pyrethroids. They were only invented in the late 1930's and have only been on the world Market since the Early 1940's. No telling what long term effects might show up from a Pesticide the local Mosquito partol is fogging the neighborhood with since the 1950's.


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