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Sites like Wix are fine for "branding"
This is a simple and perfectly distilled way to say it, ptjackson.


So Tony, then what should I do? Should I buy ad words? Like I said, when it comes to aeration in Rockford, IL....I'm number one or two.

You can watch to see how the search engines react to your new site. Keep a log and track your rank for your desired keywords, especially now that you've made a major change. Give it some time and see how it is once it hits some semblance of post-launch equilibrium.

I'm all for AdWords, when used in concert with establishing organic search strength, but for locally-targeted businesses (that aren't tackling national search), I would prefer to see people transition away from it as their site climbs the rankings. This should be everyone's goal and it becomes an easily measurable ROI.

I would like to get organic compost spreading going....just because it's good money and has great results!!!

Build content and target it. The hurdle you will quite likely face is that which we've pointed out re: Wix sites.

But I do like the way My Site looks and works. What do you think would be a better program to use???

Pretty much anything that has code that isn't obfuscated, especially by script injection. As an example, I recently compared two visually similar sites. One was built the same as yours, via Wix's idea of HTML5, and another that was built on an entirely different framework. As I said, both looked the same, but the Wix site had around 800+** lines of code, the other had 185 lines to accomplish a very similar thing. If anyone, regardless of web experience tried to read the source code, and view the content that gets rendered, they could do so in the non-Wix site. With the Wix site, it's not the easiest to do., and it seems that Search agrees.

**Note, Wix sites seem to be down right now, so this is from memory

A site generator, such as Wix, makes it easy as can be for anyone to build a nice "looking" site. Site "performance" is an entirely different beast altogether.

Many times, I've had people email me, or post here, that they can't understand why their great looking site is trailing a terrible looking site that looks like it was built in '97. This is because launching a site is a pretty small battle in the overall war. There is the visual that will interest and help capture customers, but the under the hood and off-page work that brings in the traffic via search rank.
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