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I'm not saying pyrethroids are evil. I grow chrysanthemums around my house.
As for " No telling what long term effects might show up from a Pesticide the local Mosquito partol is fogging the neighborhood with since the 1950's", you do understand that DDT was in commercial use in 1939, and it took until 1972 to be banned?
And I'm not saying that pyrethroids are on track to being banned, but the latest EPA guidelines have essentially banned their use in drains, because they are very destructive to aquatic life downstream of the sewer system.
That, and they have only a very short residual effect, so several treatments would be necessary, and with the food source (slime mold) still in the traps, there's nothing preventing their return.

I'm not advocating any particular product, but this should give you the general idea:
Any hardware/home store should have something like this.
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