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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
I have had verification from several sources on rear discharge including Hustler but another is always welcome.
I see that both Woods and Landpride no longer offer side discharge decks for tractors with 3 pt hitches, but Frontier still does. I have several product brochures gathered over several years time from those companies that tell you in very specific wording that the rear discharge decks require more HP. I don't have a scanner here to scan them to show you though, but I did find the Frontier brochure online that shows the HP requirements for the side vs rear discharge decks. Scroll down to the spec page and read the HP requirements for yourself. Make sure you are comparing equivilent deck sizes too. They show both side and rear deck data here-

What are the sources that you've varified this info from (other than Hustler supposedly)? Just guys you've asked or what? You are always rather vague when it comes to giving us insight into where you get all your data/info from.
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