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Yea I already posted a few days ago re: the forks. It improved a little. I dont have access to air filled tyres, quite frankly the problem is that dramatic that air tyres wont fix the issue out of sight, but if I can then I will try.

I will be putting the rigid forks back on, lowering the rear tyres to 8 PSI to see how it goes for a while. If this is ok, then I will ask the dealer if they can source some air tyres. Have been waiting for the appt with hustler rep before making any other changes, the mechanic also didnt want me to change anything until he tried the weight kit.

When you pay so much money for something, you dont expect to be changing ANYTHING around to make it suit what it was meant to be built for! But this is life I suppose, see how I go next 2 days with rigid forks and low rear tyres.
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