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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
So, tire pressure was adjusted to 8-10psi, another set of flex forks were installed, and also standard forks were installed with air filled ribbed Carlisle tires set at 9psi?

ALL of this is necessary to rule out any hidden issues.

I just don't understand how Mickhippy doesn't have these issues on the SAME EXACT MOWER.
The REP jumped on the mower for 5 mins & told me the mower is faultless, in other words there is no difference between this hustler and the next one. So he ruled out any hidden issues.

However he surprised me, I thought he would dispute that the machine was rough, I told him about the other brands I have used, he said that this super z will always ride like this due to the hydraulics and other characteristics of the rigid machine. In his opinion it is not designed for rough lawns, so therefore he admits its rough on that lawn but that I should be happy with that and should expect it. Even though he admits the super z is the only machine that will give this type of rough ride due to its design. To me its ******* stupid, they need to change their advertising immediately to say the mower will not be suited for rough un even terrain!

Unless they spend all their ******* time and use their engineers to modify a model that better suits rough lawns, using the things you all suggest here, air tyres etc. Then they can market the 2 seperate models.
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