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"The Super 104 is another enhanced product, based on the Super Z. Wings have been added to extend the mowing width to a 104-inch cut. Excel says it can mow up to 84 acres in eight hours at 10 miles per hour. The Super 104 has the HyperDrive system. Its MSRP is under $30,000."

That's a lot of grass mowing in one day, but remember; to cut that much you have got to run in a straight line at 10 mph and never turn around once. Who would us an illustration of cutting 84 acres in eight hours, other than a gimmick to gain your attention, while knowing in reality this is not possible.

Let's now use more realistic figures:

8.5' x 10 mph x 5280' x (70% efficiency) ÷ 43,560 = mowing 7.21 ac per hr

6' x 13 mph x 5280' x (70% efficiency) ÷ 43,560 = mowing 6.62 ac per hr

This is what speed versus width can do for productivity. This fold up $28,000.00 mower looks like a very productive machine, and in reality it is, but not nearly as much more than one would think when looking at the fast speeds I run with a 72" deck; in comparison to the slower speed with the 104" deck. This is not a good trade of money for someone such as myself.
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