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I have eco trimmers, I love them. I have used them for close to 15 years. I have used red max, stihl (yuck). As far as the stihl, I dont like that they have a one side cut look to them with that ball thing on the end. I feel they crush the leaf or shred rather than cut. but each there own. When I started my landscape business It was mostly trimming shrubs for vacation homes. I was on the trim crue of a big landscape co. before I started my own business. Trimming shrubs is more than just cutting off growth. first you need to know what you are cutting, what it can take. how much the plant can handel. What is the growth habit? does it flower? when is the best time of year to trim to trim this shrub. Do I want to make it look like it has never been trimmed or do I want it to look crisp and tight? I could go on and on. As you clean off the plant use your hand side of a pair of had shears. dust off the plant. cut off what pops up. remember to cut the lose growth of the bottom. If there is what I would call a hole, let it grow in, trim it lose there .Good luck.
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