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Originally Posted by TLS View Post

I don't know what to tell you....

I have a 2006 SuperZ 60" XR-7 deck 28hp EFI Kohler, with rigid forks and air tires. Suspension seat with the flex seat under it. Close to 2K hrs on it. Second best riding mower I've ever used (next to my '97 DC Flatlander with ATV tires (4psi IIRC).

Did 2 separate MULTI-day demo's of the new SuperZ (Like yours 60" VX4 and 31hp Kawi) almost a year apart. First was with rigid forks and second was with flex forks.

The ride was fine. I did have a little more back-slap, but I attributed that to me being used to my easy chair like flex seat. When the Flex forks were added, it REALLY made it ride nice.

Maybe it was the increased power, the far superior cut quality, or the super refined feel of this new hydro system that was dulling my senses with regard to the ride? In any event, it rode just fine for me.

Don't know what else to tell you.
This new 72" I just bought with the flex forks rides great...the problem he's having is coming from mowing rough properties during a drought period which in-return makes the ground more hard and much less forgiving. I've been on many shorter ZTR's running at much slower speeds that would beat your brains out, so for someone to say a Hustler Super Z is the roughest riding mower they've ever owned is a problem they must deal with, and not anything I've ever heard from anyone else.

I think you can look back at my post where I said there will be nothing wrong with the mower, and I guess the rep that came out verified my statement.

Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
There is honestly a very simple fix for this problem, when too rough, slow down. I would take bets there is absolutely nothing wrong with the mower.
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