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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
He claims his other machines are not like this?
Then it HAS to be the OTR tires.

EVERY ZTR out there withOUT a suspension. You are basically sitting above the rear drive tires. 24x12-12 Carlisles' for 95% of them.

A GOOD bit of your "suspension" on a ZTR comes from the rear tires "giving" due to low pressure inside them.

The rest comes from the FRONT tires in the same sense.

With Flex-Forks, the front is smoothed out tremendously, but you are still left with the rear being left to the give of the rear tires.

With some ZTR's, the front caster arms ever so slightly will flex and add to somewhat of a spring action, or twisting when one front caster climbs a hill that the other does not. This is why some ZTR's have a pivoting front caster assembly.
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