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Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
sorry i just can't resist...ether eats up plating, well a Kohler probably needs lots of ether to start!
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess...
Your mommy and daddy left you home alone tonite and you found out how to turn on the computer....

Some of us find this forum educational and some of us take time out our busy schedules to help those who otherwise would be at the mercy of the repair shops....and then there's people like you...

Plating issues are rare ....which makes diagnosing them all the more difficult..
I came across 3 or 4 engines about 10 years ago with plating scarred so bad that it was amazing that they even ran...Kohler was not aware of any issues with their engines and had us send them back to the factory..after talking with the owners of the engines..the only common denominator was the use of ether..
Which under lab conditions recreated the condition....

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