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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Very childish puppy. Kinda shameful for a man of you age and intellect to act like a spoiled kid who didn't get his way.

I was gonna leave it alone and let it die, but if you want to keep it up, we can. We didn't get any close up QOC pics did we? I don't believe that Mick said it was top notch either did he? (in fact, after I first posted this I see he in fact says the QOC wasn't that great) In fact, I believe he posted on his video that he doesn't condone that type of operation of the machine, or mowing like that. I know he mows at full sticks sometimes, but he is cutting completely different grass than we have up here as well as you. The grass looks rather thin in the video compared to some of the stuff he cuts as well, and it didn't look like he was taking off al that much length. It certainly doesn'tdo the machine any good to go that fast where it's that rough. I know he was just showing that it can be done, and that he was trying to demonstrate what the ride looks like to the OP. I don'twish to drag Mick into this either, since it has nothing to do with anyone other than you and me, and the fact that you were contradicted directly by the maker of the machine on what the proper speed for mowing should be.
Dont let them get to you brotha. Its not worth the trouble.
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