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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
While looking at it from a physics point of view, no, this mower will never cut grass at 15 mph, it is not capable. The blades can't turn fast enough, and even if it could knock the grass down for finishing with a double cut, those wings would tear all to pieces bouncing over the ground at fast mowing speeds. I would say the caster forks would probably be the first component to break down, the is not a fast mowing speed designed mower.

Hustler will tell you, they do not make a mower designed to cut grass at 15 mph, and I figure they would like for the 104 to stay below 10.
The thing is where I am your 72 at 15 would out cut the 104 at 10 and you are right the mower would probably fall apart doing what you do tp your 72.

For 30 grand screw that, for that I can build something much more productive
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