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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I've shown you excellent cut quality pictures of where a Super Z cut crabgrass and fescue at top speed, and you've never made one comment on why there is no grass left standing.

Your the one that said it was theoretically impossible to cut grass at the high speeds because the blades could not turn fast enough to keep up. You can actually see a video of it being done, and yes, Mick was letting you see a Hustler Super Z can cut grass at very high speeds without needing to double cut. You can see a close up ground level picture of grass cut at full Super Z speed, you can see a video of a Super Z cutting grass at full speed, yet you continue to disregard the facts presented. Why is this, you just that hard headed?
I'm calling BS on that. I have never said it is impossible. I have said it is not a good idea to do it unless conditions are perfect, which they rarely are. Nowhere in the video is there a close up of the QOC either, so that is a bunch of crap too. I said that yes, in your picture it looked pretty good, though in a pic one can never fully see the true QOC. You seem fixated on arguing about something that even the manufacturer sides with me on, while trying to dodge the actual wording of the converstaions that have taken place between us here on LS.

None of that negates the fact that you are continuing to act childish when I tried to let it rest. However, I'll be darned if I'll llet you make sport of me when it isn't warranted or accurate.
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