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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
The thing is where I am your 72 at 15 would out cut the 104 at 10 and you are right the mower would probably fall apart doing what you do tp your 72.

For 30 grand screw that, for that I can build something much more productive
This mower looks like the "cats meow" for some applications, maybe for a school system mowing several football field and baseball field complexes, very smooth large open areas. You can take your mower and put it beside this mower on a football field and you will mow much faster, just not quite as wide.

You can take your mower and put it into what would be considered reasonably rough cutting, and your mower will still be going strong when someone is working to keep the wings on the big boy intact. Look at the picture close, then think about how these wings will react while floating over rough ground at any speed at all. Look at the hinge points, the hydraulic cylinders, and the much smaller forks and spindles. The mower will be great on manicured large open areas, but like I say, the ones that will suit this mower are sports fields and the likes thereof.
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