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Ok, I do not want to get into this debate but....
What I will say is the vid had nothing to do with the cut. It was all about traveling over rough ground, how to use the body and see if there was much deck bounce. As if I'd make turns like that on a customers lawn. I dont think so, let alone what doing that would to to the machine over time.

I should of just left the blade off but I thought while Im at it, I may as well cut it.

I was cutting too high for there to be any true nice cut, there were tall weeds and spindly grass etc, where the grass was thicker it did cut better.
Id only mowed those areas like 3 times in the last 12yrs so didnt know where the ruts are, I only knew it was rough from bush hogging and cars and there are rocks on it as well. I really didnt want to cut low enough for the finish when there was huge risk of hitting something. In fact, I actually did hit a rock in the edit on the first time around the first area.

No way would I normally mow a property as rough as this as fast as that. But smooth properties, I can and do.

I know I can mow thick dry grass (like bermuda), not taking much off on smooth properties at full stick. So I agree with Puppy but, I also understand that limp or soft Northern grass's would be much more difficult as it would require time for vacuum, let grass stand up long enough to be cut cleanly.

Basically, your both right!
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