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Originally Posted by lifetree View Post
I haven't tried the new Gravely unit with the flip up stand, however, I have tried the Toro GrandStand / Exmark Vantage machines and found that I don't care for them because when you flip the stand on plate to the "up" position and use it as a WB ... you have to stay so close to the machine that the shins of your legs hit the rear of the machine ... needless to say, it hurts !!

That is the reason I didn't buy one and I think that is the reason that WB's will never be "obsolete" ... they're just to useful.
The salesman who brought out my demo showed me the walk behind feature, and I could see when i walked about 5 or 10 feet behind it where it would beat your shins to death in a hurry.

However, I want to mention that one of the upgrades on the newest version is that they made some changes to the rear of the machine when the platform is flipped up so that you don't bash your shins to make using the WB function much better.
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