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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I'm calling BS on that. I have never said it is impossible. I have said it is not a good idea to do it unless conditions are perfect, which they rarely are. Nowhere in the video is there a close up of the QOC either, so that is a bunch of crap too. I said that yes, in your picture it looked pretty good, though in a pic one can never fully see the true QOC. You seem fixated on arguing about something that even the manufacturer sides with me on, while trying to dodge the actual wording of the converstaions that have taken place between us here on LS.

None of that negates the fact that you are continuing to act childish when I tried to let it rest. However, I'll be darned if I'll llet you make sport of me when it isn't warranted or accurate.
I think you said this:

Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Puppy- just do the math sir. It isn't that hard to do, and it tells you that the strikes per inch of forwards travel are far too low for clean cutting at full speed under anything less than ideal conditions, especially on limp type grass.
I have shown you that this is not true, if what you stated here was fact, you would see uncut grass standing in this picture, yet you do not.

I've never once said you can cut in all conditions at these fast speeds, but I have stated you can cut the southern stiffer blade grasses at the fast speeds. I actually cut some new volunteer rye-grass Saturday, and yes it is very limp and wispy, the kind of grass people use to over-seed here in the south to keep green lawns through the winter. If I had attempted to cut this grass at the faster speed; it would have looked as if half of it was missed, it blows around underneath the deck, meaning some is actually pushed down and away from the cutting edge of the blades. This is the type texture grass you deal with, and no, you could not use fast mowing speeds. The best cut in these type grasses will come from an Exmark with a Ultra Cut deck at around 8 mph or less. This is a totally different cutting scenario, I know what you deal with, but you have no idea of how the dryer stiff blade grasses we deal with in the south cut.

The real green grass growing beside the soybeans is volunteer rye-grass, and you can tell by looking at it the blades are very limp and wispy, making it move around underneath a deck a great deal, sometimes to the point of getting away from the blades. You can hardly cut this slow enough.

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