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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Too bad there's no way to get ones demeanor across on a forum. You just can't tell exactly how people mean things on a forum without being able to hear the inflection in their voice. I know you weren't advocating it one way or another, and I appreciate the link. Sorry if it came across any other way.

Like I told realsloww(sp), the brochures I have say that because all the grass has to be passed back over the blades where it tends to wrap them and slow them down causing a power drain, the rear discharge decks need an additional 5 or so HP per deck size. I can't say for sure either since i haven't run one on my CUT....yet.

I wonder if the first guy has a mulch kit or something? It sure bogged a lot easier than the second one going by the sound.
Nah mate, no problems here. Just shooting the breeze! haaa No work on today so bored sh!tless.

All I do know is that Ive seen one working, just around the corner actually and the finish was terrible. Just like or worse than in that vid. Was cutting longer grass though!
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