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Hello everyone! From the Charleston area here. Been doing the lawn business part time for 2 years and love it. Business doubled this year from last year to the point I had to quit taking on new customers because I couldn't work my full time job and do all of the yards. I think starting this business was a blessing from God because as it turns out the company I have worked at for 19 years is going out of business so I will be out of a job come January. I have decided to go at it full time. Plan on getting the truck wrapped to advertise more and maybe by 2014 hire someone to help if the business is there. Shouldn't be a problem since the phone already rings 5-6 times a day during the summer.

Curious though, what are you guys that do lawn maint. getting for an avg. size yard of 1/3 acre or less? That is to mow, edge, trim and blow. I charge $40-45 but I know some of the bigger companies that have employees and more overhead are getting up to $60 so I am just curious what the average is around here. I don't want to be a lowballer but I don't want to price myself out of business either. I get a lot of work now and have been contemplating going to $45-50 but I'm afraid I won't get as many accounts if I raise my rate. I see some of the fly by night guys on Craigslist advertising to do the same work I do for $25-35. I know what it costs to run this business and I know there is no way they can make money at that rate especially to be legitimate with paying taxes and insurance. What do ya'll think?
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