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I'm new to the site and thinking about starting a part time service. I live in a rural area with subdivisions containing 1 acre lots or stand alone properties with 1+ acre.

I know pricing varies for each property but just to get a ball park idea, I've had quotes on my own property of $75 to $150-includes edge, trim, blow; seems like that's quite a gap in pricing......any ideas for a one acre lot- no trees, no obstructions?

I'm hoping to mow part time and prefer larger lots rather than standard 1/4 acre lots- my business model would be based on pricing and quality, not volume or quantity since I'll be operating alone.

I have a 42" Toro (residential model, but brand new) and a residential 21", also have a Stihl FS90 trimmer and will be adding a Stihl edger and blower. Have a pick up truck also.

I could add a trailer and do some advertising. My neighbors have lawn service where I live so I know there's a market for it. I'm hoping to make enough $$ the first season to upgrade to a commercial mower.

Any suggestions would be great.


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