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Originally Posted by jamesg View Post
I'm new to the site and thinking about starting a part time service. I live in a rural area with subdivisions containing 1 acre lots or stand alone properties with 1+ acre.

I know pricing varies for each property but just to get a ball park idea, I've had quotes on my own property of $75 to $150-includes edge, trim, blow; seems like that's quite a gap in pricing......any ideas for a one acre lot- no trees, no obstructions?

I'm hoping to mow part time and prefer larger lots rather than standard 1/4 acre lots- my business model would be based on pricing and quality, not volume or quantity since I'll be operating alone.

I have a 42" Toro (residential model, but brand new) and a residential 21", also have a Stihl FS90 trimmer and will be adding a Stihl edger and blower. Have a pick up truck also.

I could add a trailer and do some advertising. My neighbors have lawn service where I live so I know there's a market for it. I'm hoping to make enough $$ the first season to upgrade to a commercial mower.

Any suggestions would be great.

Perhaps another thread would be more appropriate since your questions aren't really related to the topic of this one?

That said, it sounds like you have what it takes to get yourself going.
I didn't make enough my first season to upgrade to a commercial mower, but I bought one anyway. 3 year 0% financing and affordable payments gave me a quality walk behind that will last for many years to come where a used mower was not really feasible from a financial standpoint - gotta have cash in hand for that.

Good luck with it!
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