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That thing is HEAVY, over 1000kg.
Specs say Grammer seat with isolator platform. Is it the new platform that can be used on the 2011/12 SZ's?
26" tires.
38hp Kohler option
Hydro deck lift. Is it the same lift system thats been around for a while?

How has the speed been limited. Does it have different wheel motors from the current SZ? HT? Larger drive tires mean faster speed or has it been limited to the slower speed through the linkages or something.
I mean, surely the current "hyperdrive" system is enough to move this machine along when it is currently only using a fraction of the potential output. I just dont understand whats happening here. Can someone explain?

I agree with Tharrell, at least Hustler is having a go. I have no need/want for this machine but I sure would like to demo one!
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