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I agree with James as well. Your money will be better spent on quality fixtures well placed and dependably installed than trying to compromise. Having a long-term lighting plan that can be installed in phases over a period of months or years will make for a much happier client in the end.

When putting together a lighting system, like many other things, there are three primary variables:
1. Cost
2. Reliability/durability
3. Performance
You only get to pick 2. If you make it on the cheap, you can make it look good or be reliable/low maintenance but not both. A good lighting designer won't compromise their design, and they won't put in a half-rate system in the name of cutting costs. They should walk away, because it will rarely work out in your favor in the long run.

With that in mind, another couple of names you should look at is Paul Welty from innovative nightscapes there in Portland or Tom Williams Both are brilliant lighting designers and technicians in your market and if they can't help you, will know who in your area can.
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