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i've been doing this since 2004, i was in high school with little bills to pay, actually none except car insurance when i turned 16 and had a truck, then gas for that, and gas for the mower and trimmer and blower, and i did all that and had some fun money with the few lawns i did. then i went to school in from 06-07 then in 08 i said efff school in the spring time and went back to landscaping part time and worked with another landscaper, then in spring of 2010 i didn't go back to work for that company and i only did my lawns for that whole season, wasn't legit didn't advertise, it was tight but i payed all my bills on time, put gas in everything and had some money left over for fun, then in 2011 i registered became legit, got insurance, and started advertising and doubled if not tripled the work i had, and everything was fine, plenty of money to pay my bills, no issues going out like a normal 22 year every weekend, winter was fine too because we had that october storm so i bought a chipper in november and that made me a ton of money, enough to where i took my first vacation in probably 14 or 15 years. and this year i have grown an a lot over 5x the amount of business from last year, more advertising and more networking, a lot more chipping and wood removal jobs still thanks to the oct. 31 storm, new mower in june paid in full, new bagger oct. 1st paid in full, new leaf plow, and all new tires on the truck, the trailer, everything is coming along nicely. next year if i can double again i will be estatic, and probably hopefully buying a house and paying it off within 5 years or so if things go halfway as planned. also my revenue from snow plowing is expected to increase 100-150% this year, and i turned down a lot commercial work already this year. so that is how you don't fail, you make sure its going to work before you jump in head first! that is a start of how you make in the business.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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