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YOu mean that normally you DON'T pay travel time?

Here, you get paid your going wage BOTH ways. E.g. Guy working in the tar sands at Ft. McMurray, 7 days on, 7 off.

He gets paid from the nominal take off time of the plane that takes him north to time he gets to his dorm.
On the job he gets standard time for the first 8 hours a day -- which starts when he gets on the bus at his dorm to go to the site. Anything over 8 hours in a day is time and a half. Anything over 40 hours in a week is time and a half. Anything over 12 hours in a day, or 60 hours in a week is double time.
And he gets paid for his time to fly home.

More to the point: A carpenter working on a remote job draws his pay from the time he checks in at his boss's dispatch point to the time he gets back there. On a job that is an hour out of town you have to pay for 10 hours of wages to get 8 hours of work.

If I hire a high school kid to help me plant trees, he's on wages from the time he arrives t my place, to the time he arrives back, -coffee breaks and lunch.
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