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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I just want you to be more educated on your engine selections if you ever make enough money to trade...
I have no interest in the newer Super Z,I could have one delivered tommarrow if I desired.

I would have to change the drive for what I want to do and it makes more sence to change and mod one of the mowers I currently have to make what I want.

I will be it the new mower is a nice mower but not what I want, the pulling capacity for it is only rated at 500 so you see the new 104 changed the drive because of it.

You have both old and new do me a favor look at the 66 and compare where the control linkages hook up on the pumps on both mowers.

What would work better for me would be to put 44 HP Generacs on both my 60 and 72 and update both drives as needed,update the 72 for speed and do the 60 for pulling and steep hills.

To me the new drive and a bigger motor is the only thing the new mower offers and for the type of work I do the rest is mute.
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