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Originally Posted by zechstoker View Post
Not that this is entirely relevant here, but today I got in a fight with a customer's neighbor's pitbull. Stupid dog hopped the fence, and charged at me while I was line trimming the front yard. Sure enough, it wanted to tango, so it got busted in the mouth with the line trimmer at WOT.
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I should also note that I went back to the neighbor's house later when it was safe, and told her exactly what had happened. Told her that I cut the dog's face with the line trimmer, and to my surprise, she wasn't upset at all. She was very understanding, and said she would've done the same thing if she was in my position. After all was said and done, animal control has been contacted, and they're going to head out there to deal with the dog and its owner. Hopefully this gets resolved, and there's not another incident.
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