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Originally Posted by lotsagrass View Post
more useful than a 104" I mean....for what you get. Sure, apples and oranges....but I was just talking about the price tag. $30k is very high.

The 4120 makes a great deal more sense to most, and by far more usable, but there are people and institutions with money (not necessarily their own) that will buy the 104, but I don't see it being a really good seller.

If you think the 104 is priced high, this 16.5' cut Toro 5900; of which I checked the price day before yesterday is, ARE YOU READY... $90,000.00, and the area rep told me this was not their best seller, he said their best seller was the 4100 with the 10.5' cut, he tried to make me believe this was a much better bargain at $70,000.00.

When you add the cab to this 5900 is goes to 105K...When he quoted these prices I was shocked to say the least.

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