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For your size trailer a 6 will be fine. I would say stay with a fullsize don't go midsize, just b/c of breaking. I run a 1500 silvy 5.3 v8 and with a 16 open one ztrone wb plus handhelds & the rest it is matched up well. When I had a 5X12 single with a ztr didn't know it was there so you will be ok. Where in GA are you? If your upstate with more mountians then your gonna want some more hp, down on the coast not so much. I will say there may not be much trade off on gas 8 to a 6. I get 15mpg no trailer with the 5x12 loaded I got 15mpg the truck had enough power to not loose mpg with the load. A 6 might not be that way, just food for thought. As a point of intrest in my current set-up I get 10 mpg.
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