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Originally Posted by Durabird02 View Post
I have an 02 2500HD Duramax and when i bought it, the best i could get out of it was 13. I put a cold air intake on it and a superchip programmer on it and now i get about 19 out of it without a trailer. The superchip is a pretty mild tune, it only adds 75HP but it makes a huge difference in throttle response, not too sure if it would help you when pulling a trailer.
I've heard the chips do pretty good on the diesels, but not much of anything on a gas engine. I know a guy who is a hardcore diesel mod type. Might see what he can do.

I did find a set of 12' 'utv' ramps on epay.... only $600! I don't know if I would be willing put to that kind of money into a set of ramps or put it toward a liftgate. I've been thinking about a Mitsu landscape truck, but we do a lot of brush hogging and I'd hate to be put in a place where one truck might be down and not be able to haul the tractor.
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