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Originally Posted by MaloneyLandscaping View Post
This is my 3rd season with the 11hp. It is an LCT engine which is a knockoff of a honda. It suits my needs and sure beats tarps. It does clog a little from time to time but it is very efficient and works for the small operation I have. I got a good deal on it and it was paid for within a few cleanups. I would love to upgrade to a 16hp little wonder some day but for know it does the job and makes the $$
Maloney. I have an 11hp Billy Goat leaf vacuum. When I first got it I use to clog it from time to time. I have found the easiest way to prevent clogs is to rake into it. I stretch my hose out as far and as straight as possible. I then take a rake and just keep feeding it leaves. I NEVER EVER get clogs anymore. When I use to take the head and vacuum the leafs I would occassionally suck up sticks. The sticks would get caught sideways in the tube and cause the clog. I find raking the leaves into the head of the hose takes a little bit longer (not much). Now when I see a stick as I'm raking I toss it into the bed of the truck. I certainly feel it's less fatiguing doing it my way. I think with the bigger models the clogs aren't really an issue like pressdun said.
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