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This may be different in different areas, but usually when I pick up a lawn that another LCO was servicing, it isn't because of price or quality, it's because they weren't dependable.

A lawn is a reflection on the people who live there, and a lot of people get embarrassed if their lawn looks like crap. They don't care if your truck broke down, your mower is in the shop, your dog is sick or your wife left you. All they know is their lawn looks like crap! Most customers will understand if you get backed up a little because it rained for a week now an then. But what they want is consistency...knowing when you're going to cut their lawn so they can wind up the hose and bring in the laundry and pick up the doggy bombs and have a nice neat lawn that they can be proud of.

Sure, some people don't care that much about their lawn and just want it cut often enough to not get cited under the municipal blight ordinance, but if you can't keep a schedule you're not going to keep your customers no matter how good your quality and price are.

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