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Originally Posted by RoyalTree View Post
Right...why hire a ligitimate company...

I guess we all know how you run your business.

Hire the guy who will spike your royals and make sure they dont leave more then 3 fronds. This wont hurt your trees at all, right? Why pay for someone who actually trains their employees when you can get a guy at the local home depot. Who cares about if the guy has insurance right? Workers comp, you will never need it, way to expensive. Besided the guy has a poulan and a ladder, he knows what he is doing.

Tree service is dangerous and lots of damage can be caused to plants, property and persons by the hacks that think they can trim treed. I am tirred of seeing the ignorance not only by the homeowners but mostly by people in the green industry.

Two tree trimmers who were not properly trained have died in the last 6 months in my city alone.
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Amen. Thank you.
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