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I see many are using Hi-Lift jacks, sometimes for purposes other than lifting the mower.

How about lifting out wooden posts, ... anybody?

Recently, I replaced three wooden posts for a customer. These were posts holding up sawn rails, 10 feet long. All three rotted at ground level. This meant the stub was still in the ground, and needed to come out before new posts could be installed. The wood of the stubs were all solid yet. This is not uncommon -- top portion of the post is solid, the stub underground is solid, but the rotting at ground level renders the post useless.

I had a hard time taking out the stubs (24-28" buried). Later, I was asking myself about an easier time to get those stubs out, and thought of my Hi-Lift jack.

I have five more posts to remove/install. Obviously, I am looking for a better way than crowbars.

Has anybody used their Hi-Lift jack to pull out the stub? If so, how did you rig it? What fixture or jig did you use to hold the jack?

I am thinking of getting an O-ring, to put on the end of a link chain. By looping the chain around the stub (need to dig down a few inches), with the chain coming through the O-ring, it should draw tight with an upward force. Yes, I can make a loop to go across the lifting arm of the jack, but how to hold the jack in the upright position?

A better way would be to have a chain hoist, positioned over the stub. Perhaps I tripod, with a winch to pull straight up.

I am willing to spend some time building something that will work. After the five pending posts, I may have several more.
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