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That is kinda the problem. I have a 2012 Toyota 4 Runner that is rated for towing 5000 lbs. I might just get my trailer and start acquiring equipment. As of now I just have trimmer and edger and blower. I looked at two more V-6 trucks today, but didnt think they would cut the mustard. Since I am buying the equipment used, price really dictates what I get. I will probably at least get some sort of 36" walk behind, or possibly a used Zturn. I might possilbly get a used walker. There is one for sale in my area, and if Its still available when I finally pull the trigger I might just have it. I looked at the Exmark metro 26 today, and wondered how many residential yards I could knock out with just that Metro and hand tools. As in start out with that 26'er and just mow till I NEED something bigger. I dunno.. A frustrating day of looking at junker trucks that are over priced. The family depends on the 4 runner too much for me to trade it in. I am trying to strech my truck budget to $10k for a F25O 7.3 or Cummins... Those are getting harder and harder to find in that price range. They are either beat to hell and back or low miles and the owners want a million bucks for em. Just venting fellas. I want this to start so damn bad, I might just skip the truck and go get me a trailer tomorrow and start with my 4 runner as a tow vehicle. I would be sick if it got tore up , but I guess I could be super careful. Its just me as I intend to be a solo operator.
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