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Originally Posted by justanotherlawnguy View Post
jeez people are so ignorant!!!!

just because you go into debt does not mean you will fail. if you financed a brand new z for 48 months at 0% and that z in turn caused your productivity to sky rocket and generate the majority of your income, how could that lead to failure.

ALL successful businesses run with some level of debt. let me say that again ALL successful businesses run with some level of debt.

its the white trash ignorant guys on here with zero business sense that avoid credit and have no idea how to responsibly use credit........
Which is exactly what happened to me, I financed another stander at 0% for next year, so I could increase production and make more room on the schedule for more business. I ran maxed out the last half of the season and it was no fun working weekends when it rained to makeup for lost production during the week, my new stander has already added at least two days to the schedule, and as we get better organized I anticipate even more time to be made on the schedule.
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