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Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post
Design a cool wood box to hide the 1/4" prv / arrestor? Build it, Paint it, stain it and wala.
Floor to ceiling tile, not gonna happen. Clean, simple, and pristine .... and that is the way it will stay.

Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post
If my toilet hammered enough to bother me I would replace that heffer with some high end model some built in items to help prevent this.
I have a cheap temp toilet in right now, but I will be putting my high end Toto in a couple of days, and I doubt it will solve the hammer problem. It is less about bothering me, and more about preventing fitting failure. I went through the house fixing all the lame ass securing the plumber had done, must have missed a section as I can hear it knocking when the toilet valve shuts off. Even put in some overkill thrust blocks on the mainline, and oversized most all the plumbing to mitigate any hammer ..... damnit.

I've had the valve throttled down for about a week, but that is anything but ideal and is noisy as hell. It is also possible there may be some air still in the lines as some areas are still not fully functional even though they have been flushed.

Might try one of those Watts supply hoses to see if it will reduce the hammer.
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