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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
My preferred way of renovating (unless I learn a better one, never know)

1) Cut grass short (customer usually does this at my request)
2) Double pass aerate (to pull soil to surface). I don't use the extra weights in my WB aerator so the holes don't get too deep.
3) Slice seed 1/2 rate two directions. About 5 lbs/K. Pulverizes the cores you just pulled up.
4) Starter Fert.

I just took a look at a 9k sq footer I did this process with in early Sept. This lawn was REALLY patchy with tufty fescue before. Today it looked SO much better, filled in decent, great color. Perfect no, but so much better. Helps that the customer watered daily for several weeks.

I do the same on high end premium jobs. Sometimes I will broadcast a little rye or mix I am using between the aeration and seeding but thats overkill.

I find seed to be cheap and am generous with it, but I also charge a lot to machine seed like that.

No ones mentioned pricing and maybe we shouldn't but I am willing to jump in if the conversation goes that direction.
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