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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
I believe It's listed on their website as a commercial spreader, but I could be wrong. I bought it because it was on sale. It is a linkage not a cable and overall I'm happy with it. I don't use it much so it should work out good for me. Thanks for the heads up though.
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That is our 2150 and is our Commercial 50# spreader I can assure you. Itís one our most popular model, but itís not our professional unit Ė the C22HD. A suggestion before the unit gets too old, get some Fluid Film and spray the inside of all the tubing - especially the lower handles and frame thoroughly - to the point of running out the feet and at the axle on the lower handles to prevent rust. I suggest removing the bolt that holds the lower handle to the frame from each side and spray it in there Ė you get both parts at the same time. We put that tip in the manual, but I wanted to reinforce that message now.

If in the future you need parts consider getting the Stainless Steel versions - they have the same part number just with a -SS at the end. Keep in touch.
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