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Originally Posted by NJDLLC
Anyone have any idea on the fuel efficiency of that Kohler? Gas is getting expensive around here (~$4.00/gallon) and it may interesting to look at if the savings are what they say they are...

I've heard the 30% rate that GMLC posted many times too. However, I am wondering if that is actual or not as well, because I know the manu's like to use that number for comparison, so maybe that's where it got its start with no foundation in reality.

One thing to remember is that the Kohler is over rated on HP still, meaning it is still being rated by the old system and is not true HP like the Kawi is. It will be actually closer to 20.5- 21.5 HP when rated using the newer and accurate system. That means that it may struggle a little harder to keep up in thick and/or lush conditions, which will negate any advantage it should have in fuel savings.
Originally Posted by Darryl G
I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.
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