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Thanks for all the advice guys. Fescue is tough to grow here. It looks great in the fall and spring and the heat just kills it all off. So the calls come in "my grass is dead" My response is it's been 95+ for 7 straight days and you don't water!!! So many lawns die or have bermuda to take over.

I only did 20 fescue or perinneal rye seed jobs and used a lawn solutions ride on. It's not to bad with a ride on. Lawns are looking good from the road, but pretty thin once you are on them. The blades should thicken up. When I overseeded my bermuda lawn with perinnial rye I core aerated and watered 1-2 times a day and it was really nice, thick, and green.

Someone mentioned price. I've been charging around $25 per 1000 for single pass aeration, 18-24-12 starter fert, and 6 lbs of fescue seed(seed cost me about $55 per bag). My breakdown would be $5 for fert, $8 for seed, and $12 for aeration

So I've never done slit seeding or know how hard it is to do. I'm assuming the best way would be to do 3lbs each pass at right angles. Someone did say they had good results spreading seed and doing a single pass. So from a pricing stang point for labor would you be at $20-25 + seed and fert. So for me a total of $33 per 1000?

I know the results would be much better and it could be something I could upsale if I could get enough to cover the rental cost. Plus I already have the aerator so I've got that for the people who want the cheaper option.

A trial or test to show the difference would really help explain how you would get better germination without the "plug" look

On a side note. I think the biggest problem I have is watering. Some of my jobs don't have irrigation at all so they may not put a spinkler out. The others might just water every few days. I tell them every year to water enough to keep the soil moist for at least the first 2 weeks....whether they do it i'm not sure.

For that reason and the summer heat, I've really started to consider just using perinnial rye. I seem to get better germination with it.
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