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Annual Services Schedule

Hey guys,
i am getting ready for next year, thinking about all the projects i can undertake. what do you do each year and when?
i am in maryland (zone 7) ill list out what i know:

feb/ march/: marketing with flyers/ spring cleanup/ treework/

when do i begin mowing?

april:marketing/ begin mowing

can i do landscape installs, and overseed before last frost (april/may here)?

may: overseed lawns, mowing/ begin landscape installs

june july: landscape installs/ mowing
august: market for fall cleanup/ begin aeration(late august) fertilize/ dethatch / landscape installs
sept: aerate, fertilize lawns, landscape installs
oct: aerate, fertilize lawns, landscape installs, mulching, fall cleanup
november: end mowing, end landscape installs, do more treework, fall cleanups, gutter cleaning

did i miss anything? when is best to trim shrubs? i know it varies from shrub to shrub... thanks for any help guys i really appreciate it!
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