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Originally Posted by justanotherlawnguy View Post
jeez people are so ignorant!!!!

just because you go into debt does not mean you will fail. if you financed a brand new z for 48 months at 0% and that z in turn caused your productivity to sky rocket and generate the majority of your income, how could that lead to failure.

ALL successful businesses run with some level of debt. let me say that again ALL successful businesses run with some level of debt.

its the white trash ignorant guys on here with zero business sense that avoid credit and have no idea how to responsibly use credit........
I suppose this is all relative, but your assumption is wrong and illogical in it's very fabric. Not all successful businesses run with some level of debt. For you to use the word "ALL" and in big capital letters no less, makes you look ignorant. There are plenty of businesses that are very successful and run with absolutely no debt. For you to think otherwise is foolish. My assertion that what I am saying is all relative revolves around everyone's own opinion of what "successful" is. To give you just one of many examples of why you are wrong, I'll simply point you to Dave Ramsey. He runs a completely debt free company. If you don't think he is successful, then you are the ignorant one. And if you think he utilizes one red cent of debt, then you are beyond help. I don't like credit, and I wouldn't advocate it's uses unless you truly understand it's inner workings, but if people want to use it, that's fine with me. There's no incorrect answer to the credit/cash debate. Either way, if you are responsible and pay attention to what you are doing, you will achieve whatever you deem to be "success". I agree that responsible use of credit can help some people. But don't go spouting off falsehoods that you have to know will be disproven as utter BS. It makes you look foolish.
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