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the real answer is because they aren't me! they aren't responsible enough, they aren't reliable enough, they aren't professional enough and they don't know how to estimate, so they just underbid they do get work, but it doesn't last long. and they don't want it enough, they think they can just jump in the ring and box, some can, some can't. same goes with tree work, there is a probably over 100 new tree services in side of the river alone since the october storm. most of them have what they have on credit, and when the storm work dries up, they will be selling all the equipment they financed, and if they are lucky they will sell it for enough to pay off what they owe. vs. someone who started with landscaping and worked hard for 4 or 5 years and saved up the money to buy a bucket truck and chipper and the other necessary equipment to start a tree service. who paid cash and won't lose anything if work slows down, because he is smart and has the landscaping and hopefully snow plowing to keep him going when tree work is slow. i drove by a guy today he was cutting the lawn next to mine which i had just cut, they guy is in his 30's or 40's cutting the lawn which is full of leaves not bagging anything, just mulching them up and not doing a very good job of it, vs. me bagging the leaves and the grass in the fall my lawn looked perfect when i was done, his lawn still covered and leaves and looks better then it did before he cut it but still like crap. i know the only reason he is doing the account still is his price is cheap, i actually got one of his accounts because he hit a light pole snow plowing and never replaced, and he wouldn't cut the grass shorter in the fall time which I do. as soon as i got it the account the old lady who is very nice btw, said the old guy was doing it for 35 can you do it for that, i said no this lawn is too big its a 40 dollar lawn for me. and she pays me 40 every week to cut vs. the 35 he was getting to do it bi-weekly.
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