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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
It's really hard to read your posts dude. Maybe it's just me, but when sentences are 5 lines long, no paragraph structure and funky punctuation, it's just hard to read for me. Not trying to pick on you or anything, but I get part way through and my eyes start crossing, lol.
I agree, I do love using comma's incorrectly. At least I do know the correct usage of your, you're and they're, there and their. I'll try a little more. Good thing my profession is not teaching. I can't write for ****, but I can count money like a motherfucker and make a yard look damn near perfect and i convince people to pay me what i want to do it, that and other outdoor maintenance. I must be doing something right!
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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