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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
inspiring. i'm starting up, with a family, with a house.. not much debt at all though besides a small house payment. the wife works.. i'd be happy to make myself 600 a month after expenses to supplement my wifes income a little so i can really work on making it a full time gig then try to grow.

my overnight job is f'n killing me. i've slept about 5 hours today, going in for a 12 hour shift, and my schedule is full for tommorow with some lawn care work.. lol. the staying awake 30+ hrs straight is no good. i wish i would have started this when i was young like you i was to busy partying and trying to be a rockstar.......... lol.
my parents never payed for anything extra after i turned 14, i was pretty much on my own. I wanted an air conditioner in my room i had to buy it myself. I wanted a tv, i had to buy it on my own, video games, surround sound in my bedroom, about 3,000 dollars worth of dvds, a nice leather couch. i thought i had it all when i was 14 cutting lawns with my old scag walkbehind. I should have just saved all my money so i could have bought an new mower when i was 16, I certainly made more then enough money to do so. oh well good luck!
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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