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I guess by reading some of these replies anything is possible. And I will admit it I have made some of the mistakes mentioned here, but fortunate enough I did not repeat my mistakes twice and toke advantage of that and has a result regained more customers because of not making the same mistake twice.

I began doing my own lawn 5 years ago. My neighbor was sick so she hired me to do hers. My other neighbor moved away so she hired me to mow hers also. I was really doing pressure washing at first and as time progressed I picked up some lawn care accounts via pressure washing and vice a versa. I started out this year with about 15 to 22 accounts. My sonoma s10 crapped out and was down for a while. I had back up but to my surprise he was messing up. So, I lost a lot of accounts because of my back up help. Then low and behold my wife got pregnant and dealing with that I lost about 9 more accounts. Now I have a new truck the baby is ok I have re-gained 9 more accounts as to date and a new fleet washing accounts.

As a result I see some potential in this field and bought enough stuff to make the regular lawn care treatment to be easier and quicker. I said all off this to say I messed up a lot and I am still pushing. All I have is my drive. I even went a step further to learn how to repair my own stuff which I have been doing all this year. Haven't got the blade sharpen down yet. but will get that down someday. I figure out how to build my own website and market myself online and get 3 to 5 new leads per week. The biggest issue I have now is finding the right person to help. A fool is easy to find and a smart one is hard to find and keep.
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